3.投诉一件裙子质量不好 的英文版作文选

4.英语作文 给手机专卖店写一封投诉信,日期是2012年6月17日,内容:今年五月初在你店买一个新型手机





       Dear Sir:

       My name is LiHua, I am writing to tell you something about our library.

       Last Saturday, I was going to our library with my friends. We are very disapponited with the

       librarian.His attitude is too bad,so my friend was very angry.When my friend ask him why ignore us , he is very aggressive for us and say you don’t see me I am very busy. Besides, the environment is too dirty.So I do hope you can improve it.

       Thank you for your time and kind consideration.

       Sincerely yours




       I am writing to make a complaint about...


       I am most reluctant to complain, but...


       One annoying aspect of your service is...


       I have been pleased with your services for years, but now I feel very disappointed.


       I would like to draw your attention to the problem/fault...


       I am writing to inform you that I find... unsatisfactory.


       I wish to express my dissatisfaction/disappointment about...


       It would be highly appreciated if you could...


       I trust you will take my complaints seriously and...


       I hope you will give due attention to this matter.


       I would like to get this matter settled by the end of this month.


       I could not be more satisfied if you can kindly...


       I would appreciate it very much if you could...




       Dear Sir or Madam,

       I’m writing to complain about the recent purchase of a woolen sweater from your department store on Philip Street, on August 25, 2007.


       I recently washed the sweater in cool water, as per the instructions on the label. However, when I removed it from the machine, the garment was stretched out of shape and no longer fits.


       I phoned the store last Tuesday (June 21) and spoke to the department manager, a Mr. Morris, who was rather rude on the phone and informed me that I could not get a replacement sweater as it was purchased at a reduced price. I felt really upset, for I have been a loyal customer of your store for many years and until this incident, never have had any complaints. I, therefore, feel disappointed to be treated in such a manner.




       Kenny Gao

       I would, however, be perfectly satisfied if you would kindly replace the sweater or refund my money, whichever is more convenient.

       I look forward to hearing from you soon.

       Yours truly,

       Kenny Gao

投诉一件裙子质量不好 的英文版作文选
















英语作文 给手机专卖店写一封投诉信,日期是2012年6月17日,内容:今年五月初在你店买一个新型手机



       You recently bought an item of clothing in another town, but found some problems with it after you returned home

       Write a letter to the manager and say

       ●what happened

       ● what the problems are

       ●what you would like them to do







       第三段:提出这一问题的解决方案和意见:更换一件外套或者返还付款。 第四段:表达你的希望:问题能够尽快得到解决。




       2.衣服上含有影响身体健康的有害化学物质,导致皮肤过敏。 3.衣服上有一块墨迹,怎么洗都洗不掉。



       2.请生产商赔偿个人由于解决衣服问题而造成的一切经济损失和精神损失。 3.希望经理和工作人员为衣服问题向当事人道歉。

       Thank you for your consideration and I will be looking forward to your reply.


       I am looking forward to a favorable reply at your earliest convenience.


       I understand you will give immediate attention to this matter.


       I feel something ought to be done about this problem.


       I can't put my finger on what's wrong.


       Would you please let me know whether or not you can change it for anther one as soon as possible?


       Dear Sir

       I bought the new cellphone from your company

        in march and found that I can not use it after a week.So I go to repace it while two time repeace it also can't use.

       Would you please check the cellphone and replace a new one for us or get a refound for this.

       I hope you could deal with it as soon as possible. Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated

       Sincereiy yours


       Dear boss,

        Thank you for reading my letter.

        Last Sunday is my classmate Mary's brithday.We went to your restaurant so as to celebrated Mary's brithday.But your restaurant was not good than I expected.We couldn't tolerate that restaurant at all.The service was really bad and the food was awful.The most unbearable was the hygiene of the restaurant was horrible,we felt very disgusting.

       We complained about the food , the hygiene and the the service to the waiter.But his attitude was very pride and he ignored us.It was really provoking! Finally ,the waiter drove us away.How dare he was!

        All of us were very angry.I am doubt that whether I would come to your restaurant or not.











       Dear Mr. Manager,

        I’m writing to complain about the poor quality of shoes in your store. One month ago I bought a pair of shoes from your store. It wears well as I like.However, it was broken in less than a month. It disappointed me much.

        I choose to complain to you because I’m sure you will be able to take back the shoes and pay an indemnity.

        Yours faithfully