1.英语作文 成长的烦恼与快乐不得少于60字

2.以 说出你的烦恼 为主题写一篇英语作文及翻译

3.初中英语作文 Growing Pains(成长的烦恼)



英语作文 成长的烦恼与快乐不得少于60字

       Know how many times have heard,in how many places we have often heard people - young people full of vigor and vitality for the morning than at eight or nine minutes of the rising sun.At that time,a symbol of hope and better.However,they do not know,I do not know when to start from the youth and the trouble has bee a pair of twins.

        Entered the halls of their youth means that you worry about will be acpanied.

        Not to mention the mountain of work,busy work and rest arrangements; do not have to say that the test sub-class parents,the strict teachings of the requirements.I have long hair is short,there is endless trouble to follow behind.

        When I was *** all,should be accurate to say before the fourth grade.Childhood how naive I was happy.Short hair is very simple and able.No matter strangers or acquaintances to boast,I will be the same:"This little girl black straight hair,if long hair must be very beautiful." Heard of such praise when hearts like drinking sweet as honey.

        Yes,words are also mended in the fourth grade,I had long hair after.Slowly to stay long in fact I found that there is a lot of trouble,so in primary schools last summer,I returned to the child's short hair.

        Entered junior high school,although the trouble with the long hair off,but the trouble has targeted me.

        First,the next section I晚自习,I and friends go hand in hand were linked.Unexpected light through a relatively dark place,a strange man has to do for our students said:"The hand with the male students really不害臊." This is the first time experience,then I have almost been rumor tale to the submerged the.Some say that I am neither fish nor fowl; some classes that I was most money,and even cut their own greed to make money long hair; some say that I can be sacrificed in order to distinctive long hair; there that ......these words are male students said,I can as they are heeded.

        What I am surprise that in the female students,we also take a joke I said.Many mothers do not let me have my hair cut,but I was to cut,I can not let a few rumors to the beat.

        To enter the halls of their youth may be acpanied by worries about you,but also because they worry that we have the diversity of life

        New again!I can put off!" I am very glad.The elders have red envelopes,ah,this is really "real",firecrackers,too.After a year of a second,the sky dark clouds like CaiHua shining,every family stick red paper,hang red couplets,writing,letting off firecrackers,very festive.At this time,I am no exception also put up outside the fireworks and firecrackers.At the deafening fireworks,I cracked lips *** iled.







        一次,下第一节晚自习,我和好友一起手挽着手去找人.没料想到经过一个光线比较暗的地方,一个陌生的男同学竟这样对我们说:“同男同学牵手真不害臊.”这是第一次的遭遇,接下来我差不多被流言诽语给淹没了.有的说我不伦不类 ;有的说我是班级中最贪财的,竟贪到剪自己的长发卖钱;有的说我为了与众不同可以牺牲长发;还有的说……这些话语都是男同学说的,我可以把它们都当做耳旁风.


        进入青春的殿堂也许烦恼会伴随你的左右,但也是因为这些烦恼才使我们的生活多姿多彩 “过年啦!我又可以放鞭炮啦!”我特别高兴.长辈们纷纷发红包,啊,今年的红包还真的“实打实”,鞭炮也一样.过年后的一秒钟,昏暗的天空中闪耀着白云似的彩花,家家户户都贴红纸、挂红灯、写春联、燃放烟花爆竹,非常喜庆.在这个时候,我也不例外也在外面放起了烟火和鞭炮.看着满天震耳欲聋的烟火,我裂开嘴笑了.

以 说出你的烦恼 为主题写一篇英语作文及翻译

       Hello everyone, today my topic is "growing pains.

       Grow up, like a boat in my life, driving the wave surface. Sometimes, be in smooth water, sometimes surging waves encountered. As I grow up day by day, there are a lot of troubles around me. The pressure of learning, parents urged, that I began to feel upset. Learning is fun? Is tired? Yes, when you achieve satisfactory results, when you feel that learning content easily, learning is a natural pleasure. But when you have tired of learning, when the operations of several you won't do problem is, undeniably, learning is tired. Later, I began to write diary every day, the troubles are recorded in a diary, a diary that I feel very relaxed.

       We should learn to eliminate the growing pains, that would be more happy.

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初中英语作文 Growing Pains(成长的烦恼)

       I have a lot of troubles, such as going to school, homework, and parents’ ramble. They like the stars in the sky.I am afraid of the darkness. This is my biggest trouble.At night, I am fear of going out alone.And when my parents sleep, I even can’t go to the toilet. Therefore, I never drink water before sleep.And I always turn on the light when I am sleeping.I know it’s not good but I can’t sleep in the darkness.


       The Growing Pains


       When we are little, we are eager to grow up, so that we can break free of parental discipline even leave them far.Since we were a little child, we have to be governed by teachers in school and endure parent’s ramble at home.These are our growing pains.Besides, study, friendship, sometimes campus romance may trouble us.However, as we grow up, we gradually find that things mentioned above are not pains at all. There are much more serious things brother us.For example, we may be less sensitive to the simple happiness and loss them gradually. It’s hard for us to laugh from our heart.Moreover, we are in the age that we are eager to grow up but afraid to grow up either.The ambivalence afflicts us a lot. However, no matter what happens in our growth, they are parts of our lives. We must accept them actively and do not let the pains prevent us from happiness.


       The Problems and Hazards of Going to the Theatre


       People love movies, and when it comes to “where is the perfect place to watch movie”, different people have different views.Some people think that theatre is the wonderful place to go, for it could offer them the enjoyable of visual sense and hearing sense, and they might meet some new friends who are sharing the same taste with them.Others think that home is the sweetest place to watch movies.They can suspend the movie whenever they want and they can talk with their friends freely.In my point of view, I would like to watch movie at home.


       In the first place, going to theatre to watch movie is not as comfortable as you think.There may be a traffic jam when you are on the way to theatre, and after you finally get there, you probably already have no mood to watch movie.What’s more, the theatre might not that clean as you see.There might be some rubbish around your feet, or a Coca-Cola cup which the former customer left beside your hand.And there is another thing that you are hard to bear: noise.It’s every annoying when you are watching movie and someone is whispering ,and sometimes not just one person whispering but a dozen!If you are watching movie at home, you don’t have to worry all about those problems.


       It the second place, watching movie in theater is not as safe as you think.When movie starts, the lights would be turn off, and you are almost in a dark room.What if there is a sociopath or psychopath who wants to stab people for spree, you are hard to get away from this.When theatre is on fire, people will be more scared because the darkness makes them upset, and it’s more difficult to escape when people are totally psycho out.


       In the third place, when you watch movie in holidays, going to theatre seems not fit in economic principles.Every theatre would raise the ticket price when holiday comes.Why don’t you save the money to buy a big bag of popcorn and watch movie at home.


       Basic the reasons above, if you want to get away from the problems in the theatre, and suspend the movie whenever you want, watching movie at home is the best choice.





       可是真正等到自己长大了,却出现了许许多多的烦恼。长大了,作业渐渐像小山似的多起来。放学后,我不敢去玩,去看自己喜爱的书,我怕自己的作业完成不了,我只能拼命让自己的笔在本子上蠕动着,等到华灯初上,我又骑着自行车狂奔在回家的路。课程也逐渐地繁重起来。每当晚上回家复习时,我望着一大堆的书 ,真不知该去复习哪一科,是语文?还是数学?还是地理?还是……


       A little boy, very few worries, carefree of covered... "Whenever heard third grade children sang the song, the heart is always sour...

       When I was a child, I really want to grow up, because grow up, you can do a lot of you want to do, don't have to carry DaoLao mom, dad's rebuke.

       But really wait for myself grow up, but a lots of troubles. Gradually grew up and work like a hill. After school, I dare not to play, to see their favorite book, I was afraid of his homework done, I can only try very hard to let wiggling his pen in a notebook, wait until the lights on, and I rode a bicycle down on the way home. Course also gradually. Every time go home at night to review, I looked at a lot of books, I don't know which subject to review, is the language? Or math? Or geography? Or...

       How I want to have time to play! Go to play badminton, watch some TV, became my greatest enjoyment, I'm afraid. Whenever see a large group of children leap to jump, I more want to become one with them! Can play the play, I again remind of her poor homework, the result is not in the mood to play again. How I want to go back to childhood, lose the endless troubles, when once again the carefree child

       That day, I come home from school, after finishing the homework, according to the conventional, get diary, suddenly, I discovered diary was moved, I suddenly fire emit three zhangs, want to know is they. I got out of the bedroom, loudly asked them whether seen my diary? They say that the legitimate instead of all know me, is their obligations.

       I can't take any more, I just want to own a piece of blue sky, why are you so selfish take it, is want to know me? I returned to the room, feel oneself have nothing, alas! Why parents in total want to know when we grow up, we don't want to let us have his own ideas, alas! So cruel!