6.英语作文 面对困难





       evreyone both have problems,but the most important is how to deal it,because you can find a lot of happniess in the process.

        i always remenber that when i was young,i hated math very much,even i didn't want to listen any math class.but one day,my teacher said to me that i have to stady it,not only it's important,but also useful in daily life,and maybe the porcess is difficult but bitter pills may have wholesome,after that he believe that i can sucsussful!

        so,i hard working everyday,and listen every class carefully,if some exercises i don't konw how to work it out,i always asking teacher or each other.so now my math is good,and i also think that everytime i hard working to do these exercises,i'm happy!


       Some people say the key to success is the luck, while others claim it is hard work. As far as I am concerned, there are many factors contributing to success and the three fundamental ones are diligence, devotion and perseverance.

       Diligence is the first key factor to success. Diligence helps us remove ignorance, overcome difficulties, and enlighten our minds. It makes a fool wise, and a poor man rich. Devotion is another factor to success. Whatever we do, we must love it and do it whole-heartedly. Only when we set our minds on the job, can we do it well. Furthermore, perseverance, or a strong will, is the last key to success. Without a strong will, we are likely to give up when we meet some difficulties, let alone perform wonderful deeds.

       To conclude, all great men achieve success through diligence, devotion and perseveranceJust as the famous saying goes, "No pains, no gains", "Where there is a will, there is a way."






















       How to overcome the difficulties in life

        As the saying goes,Difficulties just like the spring , if you are strong and it would be weak, if you are weak ,it would be strong. So I think, In the face of the difficulties, we should welcome them, should not be fear or avoid .

        In order to succeed you must imagine yourself succeeding ; picture yourself facing a difficult challenge with poise and confidence . 如何克服生活中的困难




       有些人当他们遇到困难的时候,他们会很沮丧,他们不愿意再继续去实现他们的梦想(也可以直翻译为:他们的梦想也因此而化为灰烬)。They just want to find a place and stay at there for a long time.So they won't have a great success in the end.所以这些人到最后不会真正成功!But others are different,some people don't think difficulities are troubles,they believe Difficulities is the mother of the success'' and Believe in myself and I will win '',they are confident andbrave,and they choose to face the difficulities with a smile. joozone.com但是另有一些人,恰恰与之相反,他们并不认为摆在面前的是困难,他们相信:失败是成功之母 ,相信自己-一定会成功!,他们有自信而且有冒险精神,并且他们选择了微笑着面对困难和失败。作文地带-有翻译的英语作文网They try their best to solve their problems and if they don't feel well,they'll talk to their friends or family members,so that they can be happier and more confident.And they don't mind what others say about them,they can always find a good way for themselves to relax.他们尽己所能去解决问题,如果他们无法解决遇到的困难,他们将会寻求朋友和亲人的帮助,所以他们会生活的更自信更快乐。他们也不会在意别人对他们的看法,他们通常都有一套很不错让自己放松的方式。I think if you can have a good psychology when you meet difficulities in your life,and be more confident and brave, try to find a good way to relax,maybe talk to others or have a rest,and then think it over,make a plan to solve your problems.If you do so, you'll find that your difficulities are not as difficult as you think before!我想,如果您在遇到困难的时候,能有一个非常好的心态的话,你将会有更多的自信和勇气。试着找到一种让自己放松的方式,比如和别人聊聊天,或者是休息一下,之后再重新考虑这件事,得出解决问题的一个方案。另有学习英语中遇到的困难范文,此文由于来源网络,暂不提供翻译,希望理解:参考范文:I have had many difficulties since I started to learn English. Since I come from the south of China, I can not distinguish nasal sounds from non-nasals: they sound exactly the same in my dialect.Thus, I had a hard time telling night from light at the very beginning. My poor memory also added to the difficulties when I decided to enlarge my vocabulary. English words were so elusive that Icould only remember them for a while. joozone.comI have spared no efforts to overcome the difficulties and finally succeeded. In order to tell the slight difference between nasal sounds and non-nasals, I forced myself to speak mandarin everyday.Whenever I started to speak English, I reminded myself the difference between night and light.At first I felt it rather unnatural, but as I went on I was gradually accustomed to speaking in this way.As for my wretched memory, I gave up mechanical memorization and tried many other new ways.



       My math today?and?me have such a problem: sister walked 100 meters per minute, sister walked 80 meters per minute. Two people back at the same time with the line for 5 minutes, sister sister turned about to pursue and catch up with my sister, sister a total of how many meters?

       Method I left think again, let me call back later, I want to again, right way let me call back later again. I left no stone unturned, racking their brains, think along while also didn't think out the solution to this problem. Ten minutes passed, and 20 Zhong Guo thirty-five minutes, 30 minutes passed, the past...?

       I don't want to come out a clue. I thought of a good idea, the Internet. I sit to the front of the computer, switch on, press the refresh button, check online, check in, turned out to be in so doing, no wonder I can't think, this to the problem is really ah. Originally, overcome the difficulties so simple ah, only by constantly to overcome difficulties, you can succeed, even a little bit of success. As long as we face the difficulties, don't give up, not back, always can solve difficult.

       In everyone's life, the path of the may not always smooth, each person will encounter difficulties and setbacks. When you face difficulty and setback, you don't fear, never retreat, must be brave to face them, to find a way to overcome, and overcome, so that you beat yourself.






英语作文 面对困难

       Life is not always full of smiles and flowers. Every person has his own difficulties no matter how high his position or how great his achievement is. So it is of vital importance to have a correct attitude to face up to difficulties.

       Some people feel so dejected about their difficulties that they fall into pessimism; others resort to putting the blame on others, the society or circumstance; still others are frightened by difficulties and give up halfway. All these people don’t use their abilities to overcome difficulties. So their attitudes are negative.

       The positive method is to utilize your ability to clear away your difficulties that appear in your way of life rather than run away from them. Confront difficulties with joyful energy and enthusiasm , and you will find the difficulties are really not so hard as they appear and they will disappear in due course.

       when confronted with difficulty, most important of all is to calm down first! Think it over and probably we will find the way out. This is my own experience when facing a difficult situation. Life is full of ups and downs, what we need to do is to be prepared for everything unexpected!Take one of my story as an example. When I was still a primary school student, I prefered to go out without asking for permission from my parents. I just enjoyed the feeling of wandering aroud,with the purpose of looking for something excited. Most of the time I indulged in playing and virtually forgot the time.So, at last I got lost and didn't know where to find my way home. As the time went by, I became more and more frightened.Not knowing what to do at the very beginning, I felt like a cry.But I held back because my father always asks me to be confident and never give up when in a difficult situation. Therefore, I began to calm down first and gradually took pains to remember the places I had visited before, with the help of those kindhearted people around, I finally find my way home, even though the whole journey was filled with uncertain feeling.It has been more than a decade and whenver I think of this experience I hardly hold back my true feeling. I always proud of my having been confident enough when confronted with difficulty and being active to handle the problem at hand. Remember, when in a difficult, being confident and you will find the way!