4.历年各地中考英语作文题目 要求




       Ladies and gentlemen,

       Welcome to Heyuan, now let me introduce our city — Heyuan to you. Heyuan is a city with a long history. It is in the northeast of Guangdong and 198 kilometres away from Guangzhou. It has a population of 3,240,000.

       There are many places of interest in Heyuan, such as Sujiawei Wanlu Lake and so on. Wanlu Lake is a beautiful place. The water is clean and not polluted. There are all kinds of fish in it. You can go boating, go fishing and have a picnic there. It is really a good place to spend your holiday. Besides, you can go and visit Heyuan Museum. There you can see a lot of dinosaur egg fossils.

       I hope you can enjoy yourselves in Heyuan.

       Thank you.

       带翻译的满分作文:As the saying goes, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Friends play a very essential role in our daily life. However, how to make goods friends is a problem for most of us. As for me, I have three principles to choose friends.


       In the first place, good friends should have their own principles. We should take into account the fact that people who insist on their principles have high quality. Therefore, it is worth making friends with them.


       Then, I want to point out that good friends should be full of trust. This kind of person has a pure heart, so we can communicate with each other by heart.


       Finally, active friends are just like beautiful sunshine. They can light up our blue mood, drive away the dark clouds and give us courage.


       Friends who have above three characteristics will be great wealth for us.


       Ladies and gentlemen,


       I feel it a great honor to have a chance to give a speech here, talking about the haze weather, which causes lots of bad effects on our health and life. We breathe polluted air, making us suffer from lung and liver diseases. Besides, because of it, the flights have to be canceled. All kind of transports may run into each other, resulting in much damages and lots of injuries.


       As far as I am concerned, it is high time that we did something. As individuals, we should ride the underground or buses instead of cars to reduce carbon dioxide. As government, more measures should be taken by carrying out the related law on pollution.


       In summary, we’re all looking forward to breathe fresh




        Today, the world is learning mandarin. According to the report, there are over one hundred million foreign people learning Chinese. What's more, a lot of foreign companies are having their workers master not only Chinese language, but also the culture. Chinese dream influences so many people, which provides great business chances and let the young people realize their dreams. Just as the successful person said, the 19th century belonged to the UK, 20th century belonged to America and the 21th century surely belonged to China, whether people liked it or not. We need to master the chance and equip ourselves with many skills, so that success will come at hand.



        Pollution around us In recent years our life is becoming better and better. But our environment is becoming worse and worse. It’s very bad for our life. Now many people have air-conditioners and cars, they produce (give off ) waste gas. More and more trees are being cut down. There are so much sand on the earth (leaving only sand ) . We often see factories pour waste into rivers or lakes. Water in the river is quite dirty. We haven’t enough clean water to drink in cities. Now we are in danger. It’s very necessary and important to protect the environment well. I think if everyone tries his best to protect the environment, the world will become much more

        beautiful , and our life will be better and better .



        I love my family, because I have a happy family.My father is an English teacher. His name is Jacky. He is thirty-eight.He likes playing basketball. What’s my mother job? Is she a teacher? Yes, you’re right! My mother is very kind and nice, she is thirty-seven. My mother is always laborious work. I love my parents!On Saturday and Sunday, I often go to the library and play the piano, My father go to play basketball. Sometimes, we watch TV and listen to music at home.I love my family. Because I’m very happy to live with my parents together!



        Now ,English is becomming more and more impotant .For example ,Beijing and other famous visit cities has many foreigners.But they don't learn about Chinese too much .So ,they need translators. Who can make it ?Of course us. Besids, China is a developing country .We need study English well and we can learn from US and Britain .We may not study very well in the past . We need read and recite . So we must correct these shortages in the future . Learning English is not an easy thing . We must have enough vocabulary and learn it according surf the Internet .That's my opinions .



        If our bodies are not strong, our spirit to do things will certainly be quite dull. And at the same time, we are lack of energy (ies) to study. Diseases will only attack the weak, but not the strong.

        Why are our bodies not strong? Because we do not pay attention to exercise. For this reason, we students must often take different kinds (sorts) of exercise in the gym.

        Exercise helps us (to) strengthen our bodies and avoid disease. It also teaches us cooperation, for most exercise is played by team.





       一、My Friend George(我的朋友乔治)

       George is my friend. He is 12 years old. He is 152 centimetres tall. He weighs 40 kilograms. He usually plays basketball and table tennis at the weekend.?

       He lives in the countryside. There are a lot of houses with gardens in the countryside. There are hills, rivers, lakes and a lot of trees.?

       People there like to walk or ride their bikes. I often go there at the weekend. We enjoy ourselves there.



       二、Changes in Shenzhen(深圳的变化)

       In the past, Shenzhen was a small village. There were some low houses. There were not many trees. There were not many people in the village.?

       People rode bikes or walked to a faraway place. They got the crops in by hand. So the life was very hard.Now Shenzhen is a beautiful city.?

       There are a lot of tall buildings. There are many trees and flowers in the city. The air is very fresh here. People likes shopping and playing with their friends.?

       Some people enjoy themselves at the parks or museums. They often use the computer to work. They can take a subway or plane drive the car to a faraway place in a short time. People in Shenzhen have a modern life. They like Shenzhen very much.




       三、My school in the future(学校的将来)

       In the future , my school will be very big . It will be even in space . We will go there by a space ship . There will be a big library .

There will be many books in the library . We will read books there . We will use a machine to find books . There will be a big playground . We can play ball games there .?

       And we will have a lot of fun there . There will be a computer room . Students will do a lot of things and play games there. Some students’ homes are far away from school.?

       So they will study online at home . Students will have a little homework , so we can have a good time at home . Sometimes we can play in the garden with our friends .I think my school will be very better and better .




       四、My favourite painting(我最喜欢的画)

       It is a famous picture by Xu Beihong. Mr. Xu was a painter who was good at Chinese ink painting and oil painting.?

       The name of the picture is Running Horse. It was painted in 1941. It’s a Chinese ink painting. It’s in black and white.?

       Look at the running horse , it has strong legs. It looks powerful. I like it because I like horses. This horse looks powerful.


       五、The name of the picture()

       The name of the picture is Sunflowers. This is a painting by Vincent van Gogh. He was a Netherlands painter.? He painted this picture in France , 1888.?

       It's a famous oil painting. In the picture , there are some beautiful yellow flowers in the vase. I like the picture because it's colourful. And it makes me feel alive when I look at it. This is my favourite painting.

       The name of the picture is Mona Lisa. It's a famous oil painting. This is a painting by Leonardo da Vinci.?

       He was a great painter. He was from Italy. In the picture , there is a beautiful woman. I like the picture because I am very curious about her smile.?




       六、A gift for my father(一个给我父亲的礼物)

       Father’s Day is coming. I want to make a pen holder for my father. I need a piece of paper, a bottle and some sticks.?

       First, colour the sticks and write some words on it. Next, stick the paper with glue around the bottle. Then, stick the sticks on the paper with some glue. Finally, I make a beautiful pen holder.


       七、A gift for my cousin(一个给我表兄的礼物)

       Hello, I am Alice.Look! I made a puzzle.I used a picture, a piece of cardboard, some tape, a pair of scissors and a pencil.

       First, I stuck the picture onto the cardboard with the tape.Next, I drew some lines on the back of the cardboard.

       Then, I cut the picture into pieces.Finally, I put the puzzles into a box.I made it for my cousin.Because he likes doing the puzzles.

       翻译:你好,我是爱丽丝,看! 我做了一个拼图。我用了一幅画,一块纸板,一些胶带,一把剪刀和一个铅笔,先,我用磁带,下一个,我在后面画了几条线硬纸板。那么,我把照片剪成碎片。终于,我把拼图放进一个盒子里。我为我的表兄。因为他喜欢做拼图。

       八、My PE lessons(我的体育课)

       Hello, I am Mike. there are eight subjects. I am good at Chinese, Maths and English, but my favourite lesson is PE. We have three PE lessons at school every week.?

       I like the short races. And I run very fast. I like the high jump, too. Every day I do some exercise. Because I want to be a sportsman in the future. How about you?


       九、Bob--A helpful boy

       Bob is a helpful boy. He always helps his classmates and teachers. The blackboard is always dirty after lessons.

       He often cleans it. His teacher always carries many books to class, so he always opens the door when his teacher came in.?

       His classmate Ann is not good at Maths, Bob often helps her. Bob is very helpful, he often helps old people carry bags. He often gives money to poor people and he also gives his seat to old people.


       十、Help people(帮助人们)

       Helping others is a beautiful thing. My father is a doctor.He often helps sick people.Under my father's influence,I also learn to help people.?

       At school I help my classmates and my teachers.After school I often help old people cross the street and carry heavy bags for them.

At home when I finish homework, I help my mother clean the house,wash dishes and water the plants.When I help people, I am so glad.



历年各地中考英语作文题目 要求















        Dear friend,

        My name is XiXi




        Dear friend,

        My name is XiXi,

        I'm 13 years old. I' m from Sichuan, China. I'm a symbol of China. I like climbing trees and sleeping. Sometimes I like to take a bath in a place with water. He also likes to play with his companions.

        The latest I have a trouble, my home is being destroyed, my friends are less and less. I'm very sad. I hope you can protect the environment and wildlife while living happily. Our world is rich and interesting because of these creatures. To protect them is to protect our future.




       :I'm proud of myself

       1、What kind of person are you?

       2、What makes you proud of yourself(Give an example/examples)

       3、Why are you proud of yourself?


       I am a boy of less confidence.I always hate running.But as we all know,The students of Grade nine have to take part in the sports exam.At that moment,I just wanted to give up.but my parents encouraged me:"impossible is nothing,""you could challenge yourself!"so with the encouragement of them,I tried my best to run and insisted on running.When I got to the finishing line,I felt proud of myself,though I didn't get the good mark,I knew,I won.I created a miracle for myself and I was so proud of myself! 在和谐社会里,人与人之间的互帮互助已构成我们生活中的重要组成部分。下周英国友好学校将来你校访问。你校英语俱乐部将举行一次以"Helping Each Other Makes the World Wonderful"为主题的英语演讲比赛。假如李智要参加比赛,请你以李智的名义用英语写一篇演讲稿。  内容要点提示:  1、帮助同学——友谊;  2、帮助老人——幸福;  3、帮助病人——快乐;  4、帮助别人体会  要求:  1、词数:80词左右。正文开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数;  2、文中不能出现自己的姓名和所在学校的名称。Helping Each Other Makes the World Wonderful  Hello,everyone.I'm Li Zhi.It's nice to speak about help here.______________ ___________________________________________________________________________  ___________________________________________________________________________Thank you for your listening.











       参考词汇 : volunteer 志愿者

       Dear Lisa,

       I'm glad to have received your letter. Our holiday life has changed a lot.

       Best wishes !

       Yours,Li Ming


       I'm glad to have received your letter. Our holiday life has changed a lot. Learning and relaxing are still very important to us. Besides, we often help our parents do housework or farm work. Through that, we realise how hard our parents work every day. And we can make a habit of laboring at the same time. Also, we take an active part in social activities as volunteers. Sometimes, we go to the streets to collect rubbish or go to the hospital to cheer up the sick children. We try our best to help people in need and make our hometown more beautiful. We find great pleasure in all these activities.

       Best wishes !

       Yours Li Ming



       Emily将她的烦恼写在了博客上并征求大家的建议。请了解她的烦恼并写出你(Chen Lin-from Dongying)的建议,要求字数在100词左右,建议的开头和结尾已经给出,不计入总字数。

       建议应包括:(1)孩子应尊重父母(2)父母经验丰富(3)父母的要求是对你的成长有好处的(4)…… (5)多同父母交流沟通。

       Possible new words: respect v & n. 尊重; responsible adj. 有责任感的; demand v. & n. 要求

       Here are Emily's problems on the Blog:

       My problem is my parents. They never stop going on about(唠叨) how I should keep my room clean, keep my hair tidy and wear smart clothes. They even make me do the washing-up after dinner every night! None of my friends have got such terrible parents. What should I do?


       Hi, Emily. I think it's lucky for you to have such good parents.



       Hi, Emily. I think it's lucky for you to have such good parents. You should understand and respect them, and do what they ask you to do. They have richer experience and better advice for young people. As your parents, they surely hope you become an excellent person. Their demands are helpful for your growing up.

       Every member should be responsible and do something for the family. So you should do what you can do, such as keep your room clean and do the washing-up. Remember: Learning by doing.

       You should keep your hair tidy and wear smart clothes. Teenagers should look like teenagers.

       Anyway, if you have any problems, just talk with your parents.

       Chen Lin, Dongying



       为配合我市举行的"6月5日世界环境日"万人骑自行车城区环游活动,请你写一篇以"Lower Carbon(低碳), Happier Life"为主题的英语短文。(以上背景内容无需表述)











       节能灯 energy-saving lamp

       用过的 used

       下届 lower grades

       Lower carbon, happier life

       It's our duty to save the environment.




       Lower carbon, happier life. Let's take actions.


       It's our duty to save the environment. I will go to school by bike or on foot instead of taking the bus on June 5. And I will also ask my parents to ride bikes to work that day. At home, we will use energy-saving lamps and spend less time when we are taking a shower. Don't throw away the used textbooks and leave them to the students of lower grades. At the same time, I will tell my parents to take bags when they are shopping.(I will turn off the lights before leaving.)

       Lower carbon, happier life. Let's take actions.